10 Reasons to Visit Wales



1. Wales invented the NHS

The NHS was devised in 1948 by Tredegar’s very own Aneurin Bevan. And we’re still passionate about health access for all — since 2007, prescriptions in Wales have been free for everyone.

2. Wales has its own language

3. Wales produces world-class athletes

Tanni-Grey Thompson held over 30 world records, won 11 Paralympic gold medals and 6 London Marathons. Tom James won gold at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics as part of GB’s Coxless four. Colin Jackson was three-times 110 m hurdles World Champion and held the World Record for over a decade.4. Gareth Bale, so good he wasn’t allowed use his left foot at school

4. Gareth Bale, so good he wasn’t allowed use his left foot at school

“There were games when we only allowed Gareth to use his right foot,” said Gwyn Morris, Bale’s school P.E. teacher. “We’d say, ‘Any touch of the left foot is a free kick to the opposition’.”

5. Maybe Wales sporting prowess is all down to their P.E. teachers…

When Dai ‘Hard’ Jones first appeared on Grange Hill in 1997, the show received over 1000 complaints from Welsh P.E. teachers. They said he was too soft, wasn’t bitter enough, and that they could all “take him in a fight”.

6. Wales has more rugby legends than the rest of the Home Nations put together

Not to mention Gareth Edwards, Barry John, Mervyn Davies and Shane Williams.

7. And some of these rugby legends are as brave off the pitch as they are on it

In 2009, Welsh international Gareth Thomas became the first openly gay professional rugby player. Mickey Rourke is due to play Thomas, now retired, in a forthcoming biopic.

8. Once a year, Wales treats its poets like royalty

At the Eisteddfod, our annual festival of culture, we celebrate our best poets by making them sit on a chair, while some guys with a massive sword swish it around the poet’s head. There are trumpets too.

9. Wales flag is the most difficult in the world for children to draw

10. Wales gifted the world the Gentle Giant

Welsh footballer John Charles was never cautioned or sent off during his entire career, thanks to his philosophy of never kicking or intentionally hurting opposing players.