Cover Letter Tips and Template

Cover Letter


There are, of course, many samples and ideas and many types of good Cover Letters. 

However, the most important skills the cover letter should explain are as follows:

- Reliability: basically guaranteeing to the employer that you`ll be showing up to work on time and he will not lose business otherwise

- Effective communication: being able to understand what you are being asked to do and being thoughtful at communicating with others

- Team membership: the ability to be a good team player, as businesses need teams to work for their success and if you can`t keep up with or integrate into the team, you`re of very little use 

- Determination and ability to learn new skills: showing that you will be able to cope up with the new tasks you will be given

- Confidence: having a positive and "can do" attitude towards your new job.

Other skills include: being able to work with people from other backgrounds, or people of the different type of ages, being organised, being flexible and able to work overtime and unsociable shifts.


Dear Sir / Madam, 

As a simple CV will not be sufficient to highlight my skills, I must outline some here in this letter. 

UNLIKE OTHER CANDIDATES who may be elder and have more work years’ experience, at my early adult age, I take pride in knowing everything about the latest Google trends and algorithms as:

1 – I AM A GOOGLE SPECIALIST: I am the only Certified Google Specialist I know in the United Kingdom. As the Google Specialist Certificate shows, I am accredited with knowing everything about Marketing, Search, Email, Social Media, Display, E-Commerce, Geo-targeting, Analytics and much more. 

2 – I AM A GOOGLE CERTIFIED PARTNER: Amongst 2 other Partners and 1 Premium Partner (Yell) here in the United Kingdom, my expertise in AdWords Search, Mobile, Video, Shopping, Display and Analytics, is certified by Google. See my Google Certified Partner Profile. 
I can also help increase your website`s page quality score which will result in reduced AdWords costs. 

3 – I AM A WEBSITE DEVELOPER: I can create fast loading websites which Google will love and place to its first position. Just check Alex Costin Google Page Speed and Google Specialist Blogger (work in progress).  
If you already have a website, I can help
optimize it and increase its SEO potential. 

4 – I AM A SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER: I create social media posts which are placed by Google on its 1st Page (1st-3rd position) or promoted by Twitter for free to people in the network I am tweeting about. See TRENDING TWITTER pdf file. 
I also have in my ownership many social media accounts which I can use to promote any new client. Facebook pages like mine or like Cardiff Jobs help me reach many potential customers/followers for your business. 


6 – I AM A VIDEO PRODUCER/EDITOR: I can help create trending viral content on YouTube to help your business reach new customers. At the same time, this content can help reduce your SEM costs by ~250%.

7 – I AM A POLYGLOT: I learnt many languages from an early age. I am fluent in French, Romanian, Spanish and Italian. I can also engage with customers in Portuguese, Catalan and German.

The skills outlined and certified above guarantee me as one of the Top Digital Marketing Specialists in Europe.
And whilst this industry (digital marketing) was a part-time hobby for me until July 2016 when I decided I want it to be my career and I became a Google Specialist; it should be clear that I have the “can do” attitude to make Google love your website and help it increase organic search which at the end of the day results in more website visitors without any advertisement costs.